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Crooked House By Agatha Christie

A book review for once in a while.. 

One of my favourites from Christie’s books

Note! it’s a spoiler. Positive

From all the series by Agatha Christie, this one ought to be given applaud. Crooked House certainly makes you go all around suspecting from one person to the other, making you imagine their motives and makes you think that those motives are logic and real. Christie surely knows how to arouse her readers’ curiosity. Describing the people who were involved in the poisoning of Aristide Leonides that led to his death, their individual characters and surprisingly she even leads the readers on opinions about each of those people’s capability on carrying out the murder on Aristide Leonides.

The story goes on from a love story between Charles and Sophia, while getting to know about each others’ backgrounds, Sophia revealed that she lives with her grandfather’s extended family in a “crooked house”. Edith, the sister of Aristide Leonides, Brenda as his young wife, Uncle Roger and his wife Clemency, Phillip and Magda as Sophia’s parents. Apart from them whom all lived in that ‘Crooked House’, there were also Eustace and Josephine as Sophia’s younger siblings. The case started when Aristide Leonides was found dead, poisoned. The police and including Charles did investigations and concluded that Brenda and her ‘lover’ were the killers.

It didn’t last for long because in the end they found out who the actual killer was. Josephine, the little girl who was always curious about things, and had some kind of unusual character, was the killer. It gave me the creep imagining that a child could do such a thing. The murder didn’t stop at Aristide Leonides, for the Nannie of that house was also killed with poison. Josephine also took the time to get herself killed by crashing her head against a stone but fortunately she could be saved. Josephine was described as a clever yet cunning child, she likes to read detective stories and so she wanted to make her own murder case, planned out beautifully. This was proven on how the police got it all wrong. Josephine was then killed by Edith, who then conducted suicide. I guess Edith loved the little girl and didn’t want her to go through any difficult situations, she felt responsible for her granddaughter.

There was a crooked man and he went a crooked mile

He found a crooked sixpence beside a crooked stile

He had a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse

And they all lived together in a little crooked house

The title Crooked House wasn’t after all describing the house itself. The house was pictured neatly, a big house with various wings for each part of the family living there and a lively garden. It was to describe the people living in it and their ‘crooked’ characters. It was stated that every person in the house has his or her own ruthlessness, in their own past, and their own ways. It was a happy ending though, because Charles and Sophia got married later on and Sophia was the heir to her grandfather’s wealth, Aristide Leonides, based on his will which was made before he met death. 


For Us, Women

Helloo! I’m just too excited to write Aaaa!

That’s why I didn’t write for a long time.

HA! Jokes..

I’ve recently been reading books about the women in Saudi Arabia. I guess because there are tons of books in my house that I just discovered these books like..a week ago! haha. Hilarious. So anyway, about these books, it’s my mother who bought them when we went to a bookstore in Kenya. It’s a trilogy actually, written by Jean Sasson, an American writer who claimed to have had a close friendship with Princess Sultana of Saudi Arabia. Important to note that the Princess’s identity here is camouflaged due to the reputation for her royal family name. Beside questions like “is Princess Sultana real?” or “are her stories fictive?” and so on, I would like to tell you guys that these books really opened my mind and made me so thankful that I’m born from my family. A family that knows and respects the rights of the women. Especially my father as the head of the family who’s always open minded, modern and encourages all his children without differentiating the genders, to study and learn everything for positive results in our future lives, of course not leaving aside the importance of learning how to cook and clean up the house for his daughters.

I stated all that because I realize there are so many children out there, specifically the girls who are treated badly. No right to education, to choose what they want to do with their life including who they would marry and when, and so many things that makes these girls powerless.


From these three books that I’ve read, PRINCESS, DAUGHTERS OF ARABIA and DESERT ROYAL, I can feel how miserable for a girl to go on living in such a country where they claim to be a country based on the teachings of Islam, yet there are so many misinterpretations towards the Qur’an and Sunnahs. For example, the right for a girl to choose whom she marries. Based on this book, just after a girl is pronounced as a woman (and that is by having her first blood/ menstruation), her father would immediately find a suitor for her. Sadly, the girl doesn’t have a say in this matter, the suitor is chosen by the father usually based on business interests or reputation of the family. So it might be possible (or always possible) for the suitor to be one of her father’s business colleagues who are probably the same age as him, already has wives, lots of children and wealthy. I think it is not wrong when that suitor’s the only one available but, come on! There are so many wealthy-enough-youths and mature too, who are more suitable for a daughter that’s still at the age of 16! And for the reason of such a young age to be put into marriage by their father is because she is not encouraged to achieve a higher education, to get a degree, to have a job and see how life is outside.

Only the male children are considered for education and good treats in life. The reason for this is because of the patrilineal family system in the Arab culture. There’s no fault in this kind of family system, proved by Prophet Muhammad PBUH, the women who lived under His leadership were fine and protected. It’s just that I guess after Prophet Muhammad passed away, people started to move away from the right path and interpret the teachings wrongly and extremely.

It’s sad, yes. On the other hand, it made me thankful and motivated to live my life as a woman who can speak my mind, do things and go wherever (of course, considering the limits). It’s not that I will ignore the nature of being a woman. I will also learn to be a good mother, an educated and loving mother. I will obey my husband and serve him well while he has to respect me as his wife also. I will be a woman with mind and heart.

Just saying, because there also lots of women out there who are too independent and finally think that getting married and having to obey a man as her husband is a total despair and think it as no freedom at all. That is called fighting your fate as a woman and God doesn’t like that. Or maybe, they think it that way because they have chosen the wrong man as husband. No idea..

So to close my story, I’m praying that men, not only in such countries but also men from all over the world will eventually pay more attention to their women. I mean, it’s not like women are dolls that can be treated in all various or even cruel ways and in the end would still have a smile stitched to her mouth?! We’re humans just like you and have our rights, so please treat us right..

Good day to all the women out there! :)



Arashiyama’s Bamboo Forest

In the Arashiyama (嵐山) district of Kyoto, Japan, is the jaw-dropping Sagano Bamboo Grove. The forest was the setting of Japanese novelist and poet Lady Murasaki Shikibu’s acclaimed novel, "The Tale of Genji." There is a walking path that cuts through the bamboo grove and makes for a photogenic trek as light filters through the stalks. The bamboo in the grove is still used to manufacture cups, boxes, baskets and mats in the area.

To view more photos and videos of the bamboo forest, be sure to visit the 竹林の小径 (Kitasaga Bamboo Grove) location page.

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